Left to right: Dorothy Frazier, 13, Minnie Brown, 15, and Thelma Mothershed, 16, wait in a corridor of the U.S. Courthouse at Little Rock, Ark., where they were called to testify at a hearing on the integration problems at Central High School, Sept. 7, 1957. William P. Straeter/AP Photo

Sorry, Thurgood Marshall: Girls Integrated Schools

During the earliest days of desegregation, black girls outnumbered boys as volunteers to attend all-white schools by a wide margin. Rachel Devlin joins guest host John McCaa to tell the stories of these Civil Rights pioneers. Her new book is called “A Girl Stands at the Door: The Generation of Young Women Who Desegregated America’s Schools” (Basic Books). She’ll talk more about it tonight at Interrabang Books in Dallas.