A farmer sprays heads of lettuce with pesticides.

How much pesticide is on your plate?

Catherine Roberts, associate editor for health at Consumer Reports, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss what to look for when picking produce to avoid harmful substances, why out of season fruits and vegetables might be a no-no, and why you don’t always have to buy organic to stay safe.

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Hands holding smartphone

Can you really get your news from TikTok?

Christian Paz, senior politics reporter at Vox, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss the social media platform’s influence on voting habits, how stylized and highly emotional political videos grab attention, and how users end up in an echo chamber that doesn’t challenge their views.

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Two men wearing workout clothes flex and grimace goofily at the camera

Do the muscles make the man?

Washington Post classical music critic Michael Andor Brodeur is a lifelong lifter, and she joins host Krys Boyd to discuss his examination of modern masculinity, why the gym took over after the Industrial Revolution, and what building muscle means for healthy — or unhealthy — identities

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A UFO is circled in a blurry image

A cultural history of UFOs

Greg Eghigian, professor of history and bioethics at Pennsylvania State University, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss the history of America’s fascination with UFOs — an obsession that spread globally — and what it all means for our civilization back here on Earth.

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