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October 3, 2023
The absurdity of Texas politics
New Yorker staff writer, playwright and novelist Lawrence Wright joins host Krys Boyd to discuss his fictional character Sonny Lamb, a rancher who makes the unlikely move to run for state legislature, and the pursuit of virtue in a political system.
October 3, 2023
Earth has warmed and cooled before. So what’s different now?
University of Pennsylvania professor Michael Mann joins host Krys Boyd to discuss the precarity of human evolution and how previous changes in temperatures have affected life on the planet.
October 4, 2023
The best fitting clothes are the ones you make yourself
Ann Friedman of The Atlantic joins host Krys Boyd to discuss how making her own clothes keeps her feeling better about her environmental impact.
October 4, 2023
Lessons from Lincoln on effective politics
Steve Inskeep, cohost of NPR’s Morning Edition, joins host Krys Boyd to discuss how Lincoln sought to build a social revolution and hold the nation together.
October 5, 2023
Expiration dates don’t mean what you think
Josh Zumbrun of The Wall Street Journal joins host Krys Boyd to discuss why anti-food waste advocates want expiration dates overhauled to minimize confusion.
October 5, 2023
You should schedule more time to do nothing with your friends
Sheila Liming, author of “Hanging Out,” discusses why we need to ditch the calendars and find time to just sit with friends and strangers – and how that strategy is a potential solution to our epidemic of loneliness.
October 6, 2023
We don’t talk enough about phosphorous
Brown University professor Stephen Porder joins host Krys Boyd to discuss hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus and how these building blocks of life effect the climate.