Best Of Think: Paula Poundstone Searches For Happiness

As a comedian and panelist on “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” Paula Poundstone makes people happy for a living. And that got her wondering – aside from laughter – what are other keys to happiness? In May, she joined us to talk about her research, which she writes about in “The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness” (Algonquin Books).

Paula Poundstone on … 

… why Facebook didn’t make her happier: 

“What I started doing right away as soon as I got the Facebook thing was checking for those ridiculous numbers. … In the old days, I would just do something, but now I had to check to see if I did it, I guess. And if other people cared that I did it. It’s not healthy.”

This episode originally aired on May 18, 2017.