When Everyone Is Your Friend

People who live with Williams syndrome are biologically incapable of distrusting others. Jennifer Latson joins us to talk about what it’s like to move through your day thinking everyone is your friend. That’s the life of 12-year-old Eli D’Angelo, who Latson profiles in her book “The Boy Who Loved Too Much: A True Story of Pathological Friendliness” (Simon & Schuster).

Jennifer Latson on…

… meeting Eli for the first time:

“He was waiting for me at the window. As soon as he saw me get out of my car, he ran out and opened the door and just shouted into the parking lot, ‘Hello!’ I walked in and he’s so just busy all the time. He’s kind of frenetic. He was just kind of running circles around me and asking me questions, and he has a kind of a standard greeting routine that he does. If he meets you for the first time, he’ll usually compliment an article of clothing. So, he says, ‘I like your shirt. Do you have a dog? Where’s your dad?”