Remembering Sandy Hook

In 2012, 20 elementary school students and six educators were gunned down in Connecticut. Kim Snyder joins us to talk about the aftermath of the shooting and how it changed the lives of the parents, siblings and teachers of the people who were killed. Her documentary “Newtown” airs tonight on PBS stations as part of Independent Lens.

Get ready for today’s show by reading a review of the film by Guide Live.

Kim Synder on …

… gun violence in the U.S.: 

“We have to do something about our situation with guns and it doesn’t have to threaten Second Amendment rights. I don’t even use phrases like gun control personally because I think that’s not what it’s about. It’s about coming to some middle ground. You know we’ve done this in our society. We’ve managed to look at things like seat belts and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. When I grew up we didn’t have the term designated driver. We’ve done it with second-hand smoke because we did research, we got data and it did save lives. It may not cure it, but I do think there are things that we could be more proactive about.”