A Conversation With George Takei

George Takei will always be best known for playing Sulu on “Star Trek.” In the decades since, though, he’s also become a prominent advocate for LGBTQ rights and other humanitarian causes. He joins us to talk about his life on and off the screen.

George Takei on … 

… living in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II: 

“It was, for my parents, a very confusing, disorienting and degrading process. To be forced out of your home with three young children and first to be taken to a temporary assembly center and assigned a horse stall to sleep in. A horse stall that was still pungent with the smell of horse manure. … For my parents to take their three young children into a horse stall and have to live there for a couple of months while the barbed-wire concentration camps are being built. It must have been a humiliating and painful experience for them.”